Is my EVUS registration information secure?

The Electronic Visa Update System, EVUS, is a program put in place by the Department of Homeland Security to improve security and immigration processes. The web ensures the privacy of your information by using the latest and most advanced technology and encrypting system to prevent unauthorized access to all the personal details you provide.

When you enroll for the EVUS visa, you will be assigned a unique enrollment number which you can use to check your status. It is strongly advised you keep a copy of this number. The EVUS visa will be electronically linked to your passport and 10-year B1, B2 or B1/B2 visa.

The system will safely collect your travel documentation information such as your complete name, your date of birth as well as your passport number, issuing country and date and the passport’s expiration date. Furthermore you will need to fill in additional details like your gender, address and job title. All individuals are asked to provide travel information such as U.S. point of contact name and address and where you will be staying during your trip. This information is for the purpose of immigration security and will not be shared.

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