Are children required to apply for EVUS?

Are children required to apply for EVUS?

As a parent, you are probably wondering whether your child needs an EVUS to travel to the United States. The answer is yes, all travelers who hold a People’s Republic of China passport including children of all ages must apply for EVUS if they have been granted a 10-year B1, B2 or a combined B1/B2 visa to the United States.

Can children on their parent's passport travel with an EVUS?

It is important to note that parents need to ensure a child has their own Chinese passport in order to travel to the US. Minors may not travel with an EVUS if they are included in their parent's passport.

Parents need to apply for an individual EVUS application on behalf of each of their children, using each child’s passport details on the enrollment form. When completing an EVUS enrollment on behalf of a minor, you must answer the questions and statements truthfully as their guardian.

Each traveler is required to own a current passport as well as an individual visa and EVUS enrollment. Parents and legal guardians of minors -under 18 years of age- will have to submit a singular form per person or per child. The application fee will be enforced in all applications.

We would like to remind you that even if you or your child’s US visa (B1, B2 or B1/B2 visa) information has not changed since it was issued, they still need to register for a mandatory EVUS.

Minors traveling accompanied or unaccompanied, regardless of their age, who are citizens of EVUS eligible countries —including China— are required to have their own EVUS status of 'Enrolled' prior to traveling to the United States.

Requirements for Chinese minors visiting the US

Citizens under the age of 18 traveling to the United States are considered minors. They are required to carry the same documents as adults:

  • A current passport issued by the people’s Republic of China
  • A valid 10-year B1, B2, or B1/B2 visa
  • An EVUS enrollment

Minors who try to enter the United States without the proper documents, or who are accompanied by adults other than their parents or legal guardian(s), will be checked closely upon arrival.

Underage individuals traveling without both parents or accompanied by adults that are not their parents or legal guardians may be asked to provide a letter of consent —in some cases, notarized— stating that their parents allow the child to take this trip.

US border authorities are on the lookout for children who need protection and carefully check for missing or runaway children. Officials may ask you about children who travel to the United States with you or question a child who travels alone to the US with an EVUS. Make sure you —or the unaccompanied child— have the proper documents on you.

Unaccompanied Chinese minors flying to the US with an EVUS

Most airlines follow these guidelines regarding unaccompanied EVUS-enrolled children flying to the USA:

  • Children under the age of 5 must always be accompanied by someone at least 18 years of age flying in the same cabin; airlines do not allow kids under 5 to fly alone
  • Children who are at least 5 years old may travel unaccompanied
  • Kids ages 5 through 14 must usually travel pursuant to special “unaccompanied minor” procedures
  • Certain airlines, only allow children 5 through 7 to board nonstop flights, direct flights, or flights with one or more stops, but no change of planes
  • Unaccompanied minors ages 8 and up can usually take connecting flights as well as direct flights or ones that stop but do not require passengers to change planes

Some airlines will charge parents whose children travel alone to the US an unaccompanied-minor fee. If this arrangement is not made for a child traveling alone, the airline will usually expect the minor to be responsible for making their own alternative plans in the event of a canceled, delayed or diverted flight.

Parents and legal guardians of these children will not necessarily be notified of any schedule irregularities if unaccompanied-minor arrangements are not requested.

These are the minimum and maximum ages set by most airlines for minors traveling unaccompanied with an EVUS towards the US. However, you as a parent are in the best position to decide whether your child is prepared to travel without a family member or guardian.

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