EVUS Visa Update FAQ

Most common EVUS questions

Answers to the most important and Frequently Asked Questions about the EVUS Authorization Visa

Find all the answers regarding the EVUS application for the United States in this section. Can not find what you are looking for? Please contact us.

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Applying for EVUS

Everything you need to know about the EVUS application process. This includes: processing times, what type of visas you need in order to apply for EVUS, how to check if your B1/B2 Visas are valid, what to do in case your passport has expired, and what the eligibility requirements for children are. Find all the necessary information about how to apply for EVUS in this section.

EVUS Information

Still not sure what EVUS is and whether you need to apply? This section provides answers to the most frequent and important EVUS questions. Learn about EVUS registration, the difference between EVUS and a traditional US Visa, how and when to apply, as well as what documentation you need to apply. Learn about EVUS eligibility requirements, and registration information advantages.

Passport-related EVUS questions

All you need to know about linking your passport to your EVUS Visa. Read about EVUS application passport requirements in case of dual citizenship, passport validity, and when to enroll with EVUS if your passport has expired. This section also includes information about having both a B1 and B2 visa linked to your passport** and how to correctly complete your EVUS application.

Traveling with EVUS

Have other EVUS-related questions? Find out about admission in the United States under the EVUS Program, how it affects you, and EVUS validity. It is paramount when traveling to the United States to have all your travel documents in order and up-to-date. Before you leave for the airport, you need to make sure you have everything you need, and that you have all the necessary extra documentation, including EVUS correctly linked to your passport.

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