How to submit your EVUS application form to update the detail of your U.S. visitor visa

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EVUS Form: Step-by-Step Guide

The EVUS application is easy and straightforward. The form can be completed online in minutes from anywhere in the world, including one’s home or office.

All applicants must fill in the electronic form as part of the application. This is designed to be easy enough so that all petitioners can complete it independently. However, it is possible to help friends or family members (especially in the case of children and minors) as they submit their individual applications.

In this article, readers will find detailed information regarding the application form and a step-by-step guide to complete it successfully.

What is Needed to Register with EVUS?

In order to successfully enroll with the EVUS system, all petitioners must have:

  • Access to a reliable internet connection
  • A device that can connect to the internet
  • An active email address
  • A valid passport issued by the People’s Republic of China
  • A valid 10 years B1, B2 or B1/B2 visa for the United States of America

Both documents must be used not only to fill out the form but also to travel to the U.S.

Step 1: Basic information

Applicants must first go to the EVUS enrollment page and provide their basic information.

This covers personal details as well as national ID information, including:

  • Last and first name
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Country and city of birth
  • National identification number

Travelers should provide their full name exactly as it appears on their valid passport.

The national identification number is the number of official ID (other than the passport.) Those who do not have a national ID can write ‘unknown.’

Step 2: Travel Document Information

Applicants are then required to provide details of the passport they will use to travel to the U.S. Please note that the passport must be issued by the People’s Republic of China and must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of arrival.

Passport questions include:

  • Country and date of issue
  • Document number
  • Passport expiry date

The EVUS enrollment also requires the details of the class-B U.S. visa held by the applicant. The form must be completed with the B1/B2 Visa Foil Number, which is the red number appearing on the visa.

Step 3: Other Nationalities and Passports

The online questionnaire then asks details regarding other nationalities, citizenship, and passports. It is not a problem to hold double nationality but it is necessary to travel with the Chinese passport which must also be used as the main document in the form.

Should a petitioner hold another nationality or passport, more information will be required. For passports, this would be the number and expiration year. Should the applicant not remember this, they can simply write ‘unknown’ for the number and ‘0000’ for the year.

Step 4: Contact Details

It is paramount to have an active email address. This is where future communication regarding the application will be sent. Should the EVUS enrollment be successful, this will also be communicated via email.

A mobile telephone number is also required. Those without a mobile phone can provide a third-party number. The traveler can then provide their home address.

Although the EVUS form asks for the details of the applicant’s parents, these fields are optional.

Step 5: Employment History

In this field, those who hold or have held a job are asked to provide the details of their employment history and employers. It is also possible to fill these fields with ‘student’, ‘stay-at-home parent’, ‘self-employed’, and more.

Step 6: Travel Plans

It is important for the U.S. authorities to know the travel plans of foreign visitors in order to ensure their safety and that of American residents and, at the same time, have enough personnel to assist travelers at U.S. points of entry.

First, Chinese travelers are asked whether they plan to pass through the U.S. while en route to a different destination. Please note that the EVUS enrollment is mandatory for transit too.

Should they indicate the U.S. as their final destination, they will be asked for their phone and address details while in the country. This information is optional. They will also have the opportunity to provide the details of an emergency contact.

Step 7: Eligibility Questions

Besides holding valid and eligible documents, foreign visitors must also be assessed to confirm that they do not pose a threat to the safety and health of U.S. citizens and fellow travelers.

This part of the form is mandatory and includes questions regarding:

  • The applicant’s health
  • Their criminal record
  • Their travel and visa history

After confirming that all the information provided in the questionnaire is true to the best of their knowledge and accepting the terms and conditions, applicants can proceed to finalize the EVUS enrollment request.

Who Needs to Complete the EVUS Application?

EVUS, the U.S. Electronic Visa Update System, was introduced to make sure that the details of long-term visa holders are always up to date. It is a simplified electronic registration process that only takes minutes to complete.

As of November 2016, all Chinese citizens holding a class B visa for the United States must enroll with EVUS and complete the online form before they travel. This means that everyone who holds a valid Chinese passport and a B1/B2, B1, or B2 visa must apply for EVUS or will be denied entry into the U.S.

Please note that EVUS is not a substitute for a visa but rather, an additional requirement. A valid visa is still necessary to cross the border.

When Should I Complete the EVUS form?

As explained before, the EVUS enrollment only takes minutes. If the application form has been filled in correctly, the EVUS request is usually processed within minutes too.

However, travelers should always apply at least 72 hours prior to departure in order to allow for potential delays. Most delays are caused by bank holidays or an incomplete or inaccurate registration form.

Can the Information Be Updated After Submitting the EVUS Form?

Once an EVUS enrollment has been completed and approved, applicants can update most of the information. Chinese visitors can change their address, contact details (in the U.S. and abroad), transit information, emergency contacts, and other information.

However, petitioners cannot update their passport or U.S. visa information (including name, sex, and nationality) after they have completed the EVUS enrollment. If the passport or U.S. visa expires it is necessary to re-enroll with EVUS by completing the EVUS form again.

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