U.S. Travel Visa from China: Tourism and Business Permits

U.S. Travel Visa from China: Tourism and Business Permits

Chinese people travel to the U.S. for many reasons. It is a truly unique country with an incredible amount of attractions and landmarks for tourists to see. Some travel for business reasons and others go to visit friends and family.

Chinese citizens who travel to America need to have a U.S. travel visa. At the moment, Chinese citizens need to hold a B1 or B2 visa (or a combination of both) and enroll with EVUS (Electronic Visa Update System).

EVUS was introduced in November 2016, and it is now obligatory for all Chinese citizens to enroll before they travel. Registering with EVUS is quick and straightforward, the EVUS form only takes a few minutes.

Types of U.S. travel visa

There are different types of U.S. travel visas for China. In short, the B1 visa is for business trips and the B2 is for tourism or medical treatment. Chinese travelers need to enroll with EVUS in addition.

Chinese visitors to the U.S. need to have a B1 U.S. travel visa if the purpose of their trip is to negotiate contracts, attend a business meeting, go to a business convention or seminar, accompany their employer to the United States, or to buy or sell an estate.

The B2 U.S. travel visa is for Chinese travelers who travel to the U.S. for tourism, to visit family or friends, participate in an amateur sports or musical event, or to receive short-term medical treatment. Combination visas are available if the reasons for visiting are a mixture of business and tourism.

Chinese travelers to the U.S. also need to enroll with EVUS. The purpose of EVUS is to strengthen security and border control, and it's likely to be expanded to include other nationalities in the near future.

The EVUS enrollment process

For citizens from the People’s Republic of China, or citizens from Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau who are holding a valid passport of People’s Republic of China, it is a legal requirement to complete an online EVUS application before setting off for the U.S.

The EVUS online registration can be completed at any time though travelers should complete the application at least 72 hours before traveling. This allows time for possible delays in the process.

Candidates completing the form must answer some questions and enter the required information. Applicants need to enter data such as their name, address, date of birth, passport details, travel plans, and employment history. It is important to be as accurate as possible when entering information to avoid rejections and delays.

Each candidate receives an enrollment number which they can use to check the status of their application. Once approved, the EVUS electronic travel authorization is sent via email.

EVUS travel authorization validity

The EVUS authorization is valid for two years and allows Chinese citizens to enter the USA multiple times during that period. However, if the traveler’s B1 or B2 U.S. travel visa for China expires, or their passport does, it is necessary to enroll again with EVUS.

Documentation required for EVUS

To successfully apply for and obtain an EVUS travel authorization, Chinese citizens need to have the following documentation:

  • A valid Chinese passport with at least six months remaining from the date of arrival
  • A 10-year B1, B2, or combination, U.S. travel visa for China

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