U.S. Government Privacy Protection for EVUS Applicants from China

U.S. Government Privacy Protection for EVUS Applicants from China

The United States Government has recently launched the Electronic Visa Update System, EVUS. The EVUS website grants Chinese passport holders, along with citizens from 37 other countries, the convenience of being able to apply online from the comfort of their home or office, prior to their travels.

This online system eliminates the need to visit an American embassy or consulate multiple times in person in order to apply and then collect the traditional visas, as previously required. The new system saves citizens time and hassle.

It is understandable that some candidates may be worried as to whether their information will be secure and protected during and after the EVUS application process.

Is my EVUS registration information secure?

Yes. This website utilizes all the latest security, privacy, and confidentiality systems necessary to keep your data encrypted and protected throughout the entire process.

Our system employs round-the-clock, reliable technology to prevent unauthorized third-party access to the information you submit during your EVUS enrollment procedure as a Chinese passport holder.

This website also operates under the rules and regulations required by the United States Privacy Act and its Privacy Statement to ensure the safety and privacy of your information at every step of the application and approval process.

Who will have access to my data and how will the U.S. Government protect my privacy?

All the personal information submitted by applicants through the EVUS system, regardless of their nationality, is encrypted in order to maintain it safe and secure throughout the entire operation.

Chinese passport holders’ data is subject to the same reliable privacy provisions and strict controls that have been established for similar traveler international screening programs.

Is the EVUS Website Secure and Private?

The Electronic Visa Update System maintains the safety and privacy of all data submitted by applicants. This is done by employing the latest and most advanced technology and encrypting methodologies designed to prevent unauthorized individuals and organizations from having the ability to access the personal details provided by Chinese passport holders requesting an EVUS.

The EVUS application form operating on this secure website will safely and confidentially collect your personal and travel documentation information such as your complete name, your date of birth as well as your passport number, issuing country and expiration date.

Furthermore, you will be required to fill in additional personal data such as your gender, street address, and occupation, as part of the EVUS enrollment procedure. All applicants, regardless of whether they are Chinese passport holders, or also carry a passport from a different country, are asked to provide their travel details such as a designated U.S. contact person’s name and street address as well as declaring where they plan to stay during their stay in the United States of America.

This information is collected for the sole purpose of immigration security and will not be shared with unauthorized third-party individuals.

Now that you have read our detailed explanation on all the security, privacy and protection measures that the system has put in place during the EVUS enrollment and approval process, you may rest assured that your application data is safe and protected at all times.

Will Third Party Agents Be Able to Check the Status of EVUS Enrollment for Travelers?

Yes. Authorized third parties will be able to securely check the EVUS status for individual travelers such as family members that hold a Chinese biometric passport and have enrolled in EVUS together. Another example may be when a group of travelers have submitted their details for the EVUS USA and shared their details amongst each other so that one designated person may verify them for the group.

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