Traveling to Hawaii with EVUS

Traveling to Hawaii with EVUS

Hawaii is a beautiful destination to visit whilst in the USA. As the islands that make up this unique state are 2,500 miles offshore from the mainland United States questions often arise as to how to enter Hawaii with EVUS. Rest assured, traveling to Hawaii with EVUS is an uncomplicated process and can be done easily.

As it is obligatory to have a valid EVUS authorization if you are traveling to the USA with a B2 tourist visa or a B1 business visa, this article covers the requirements of visiting Hawaii with EVUS. It also answers some of the most common questions about traveling between Hawaii and the rest of the United States with EVUS as well as the process of arriving at a Hawaiian port of entry with this document.

How to apply for an EVUS to travel to Hawaii

Since November 29th, 2016 EVUS has been an obligatory step to visiting the United States with B1 and B2 ten-year visas. This new electronic authorization streamlines the process of entering the country a U.S. border checkpoint, port or airport. The system also ensures that the most up-to-date data on visa holders is kept on record.

This electronic visa must be obtained prior to traveling to Hawaii and can be procured exclusively online via an online application form. EVUS is also necessary in the case of transiting through the USA to an onward destination via Hawaii. In order to be approved applicants will need to submit their:

  • First name and last name
  • Passport details
  • B1/B2 10 year visa details
  • Most recent employment information
  • Valid email address

During this process, applicants will also need to answer a number of personal and security questions to satisfy the requirements. Visitors should aim to enroll for EVUS up to 72 hours before flying to the U.S. in order to avoid delays.

Once approved, an EVUS is valid for 2 years. It will then allow the holder to enter the USA multiple times during this period.

Arriving in Hawaii with EVUS

On arrival in Hawaii visitors will need the following items in order to pass through border security and customs successfully:

  • A printout of an approved EVUS
  • A passport with more than 6 months validity remaining
  • Their B1/B2 visa

These documents will then be checked by a border guard on arrival. Be aware that the agent on duty has final discretion over who may enter the country or not. If they see evidence that suggests the visitor will overstay or otherwise break the requirements of their visa they could be refused them entry to the country.

If however, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CPB) Officer is satisfied they will stamp the visitor’s passport with an entry stamp. After that, they will permit them to enter Hawaii.

Do visitors need EVUS on a cruise calling in Hawaii?

B1 and B2 visa holders will require a pre-approved EVUS registration before entering U.S. territory in all circumstances. Therefore, tourists holding B1 and B2 ten year visas arriving in Hawaii on a cruise ship will need to be correctly registered before they will be allowed to disembark and set foot on U.S. soil.

Is it possible to travel from Hawaii to the Mainland USA with EVUS?

Yes, with a valid EVUS registration visitors will be able to travel beyond Hawaii to other parts of the United States. Despite being disconnected from the mainland, travelers will be able to enter the continental USA with the same documents used to enter the country.

This doesn’t apply however if for any reason the EVUS enrolment has been terminated or has expired during the visa holder's stay in the country. Just like it happens when entering the continental U.S., EVUS and the passport of the visitor must be fully up to date and valid.

Overall, EVUS holders traveling to Hawaii will not encounter many differences in the process of using their electronic travel authorization to enter the country via the islands. Most of the same procedures apply consistently across all 50 states and in practice visitors will find it to be the same experience as arriving at a different destination in the country.

At present EVUS is only for Chinese citizens. However, it is speculated that the number of EVUS countries could be extended to other nations in the future. It offers a quick and easy way to gain authorization to enter the U.S., can be applied for online and is usually granted in as little as 24 hours.

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