I Made a Mistake with My EVUS Registration, can I Fix It?

I Made a Mistake with My EVUS Registration, can I Fix It?

When completing the EVUS enrollment, mistakes can happen with the application. In the case that an error has been made during your EVUS registration, please contact us directly to assist you. An EVUS mistake can occur while the applicant provides passport, visa and personal details. Some of the most common EVUS mistakes, for example, occur when filling out the issuing and expiration dates of the passport and the visa.

During the EVUS enrollment it is extremely important that the information on your passport and on your visa, match the information you are providing. Though the EVUS registration is fairly simple, mistakes can always occur. Therefore it is a good idea to double-check your details. An EVUS mistake could result in the application being denied. Travelers who do not have an approved EVUS when landing in the United States will not be allowed entry.

Apply for an EVUS

The EVUS online system is currently available for citizens of the People’s Republic of China and those who hold a 10-year B1, B2 or a combined B1 and B2 visa. The EVUS registration system requires that the traveler updates their basic biographical details and those of their visa to simplify their travel to the USA.

Make sure to revise the details of your EVUS enrollment

Once you have completed your EVUS form, make sure you check the accuracy of all of your information. Among other things, the EVUS registration system will ask you for:

  • Your full name
  • Your date of birth
  • Your city of birth
  • Your gender
  • Your passport and visa information.

It is of paramount importance that all applicants provide accurate information to the best of their knowledge and answer all the questions truthfully. Should you have any doubts regarding the EVUS application, you can get in touch with the U.S. authorities.

Moreover, many travelers decide to hire a specialized agency to check that all the fields in their application are filled in correctly. Trained professionals will then go over the application before it’s submitted and spot discrepancies and mistakes.

As an applicant, you will receive an EVUS enrollment number. This number will allow you to check your EVUS whenever you need to. The Electronic Visa Update System, EVUS, will be electronically linked to both your passport and visa. Even though you have these two documents, enrolling in the EVUS system is a mandatory migratory requirement since November 2016. Your approved EVUS will be valid for a period of two consecutive years or until your passport or visa expire, whichever occurs first.

Even though the EVUS enrollment process takes about 20 minutes, the application might take longer to evaluate. You are advised to apply for an EVUS at least 72 hours before your plane departs to the U.S. Keep in mind that all chinese citizens with a 10-year category B visa will be asked for a valid EVUS upon arrival in the United States. Children must also adhere to this migratory requirement and should also have a valid EVUS when arriving in the country.

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