How Long Does EVUS Take?

How Long Does EVUS Take?

You are a Chinese citizen, you hold a valid 10-year B1, B2 or combined 10-year B1/B2 visitor visa and you have to enroll with EVUS by completing the online form.

However, you’re unsure about how long this process will take and when you should apply. Do not worry, the EVUS is an easy online program that allows you to enroll any time. The enrollment takes up to 20 minutes to complete, after you’ve submitted all the information the status of your application is set to pending. Most enrollments are processed fairly quickly and you can check the status with your unique enrollment number. With that said, some enrollments can take up to 72 hours and it is strongly advised to enroll ahead of your trip to the United States.

Apply for an EVUS

When you enroll with the EVUS it’s imperative that you do so with the proper documentation. The EVUS is not a replacement for the visa, it is in fact an additional requirement. As a chinese citizen, holding an american visitor visa is not enough to travel to the U.S. The Chinese and United States governments came to a mutual agreement to improve travel between countries and the EVUS is an extension of this.

We know that the EVUS has brought about a series of doubts and questions. It is important to note that enrollments are simply a way to secure basic information of each individual traveling to the United States. Operated by the U.S. government, the process is safe and private. The technology employed prevents unauthorized access to the information entered. All your data is treated with the same strict controls for similar screening programs. People are welcome to use their tablets or mobiles to enroll, as the EVUS platform is available for all devices.

Before you enroll with the EVUS you should make sure that you have a valid passport that expires no sooner than 6 months after your arrival date. This online system is to be used by all individuals traveling on a People’s Republic of China passport who hold a 10-year B1/B2, B1 or B2 visitor visa. Currently the EVUS program is not available to other countries, though, it is likely that it will extend to nations such as Mexico and Venezuela.

Those individuals who want to travel with their children should also make sure that their kids documentation is up to date. The EVUS does not exempt anyone and therefore children of all ages must enroll. Anyone who fails to complete these steps will be denied entry to the United States. Unlike other processes, an EVUS enrollment cannot be expedited. U.S. Embassies and consulates cannot facilitate enrollments as this is something each individual is responsible for.

Once your EVUS has been approved, it has a validity of two consecutive years or until the passport or visa expire. Individuals are able to travel to and from the United States as often as they like for this specific period of time. If changes occur to your personal documentation, you will need a new enrollment. Each time a traveler needs to make an update to their personal information, a new EVUS enrollment is required.

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