Ten Facts about Chinese Travelers in the USA

Ten Facts about Chinese Travelers in the USA

The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) stated that Chinese travelers are the top source of tourism cash in the world. According to a report by CNN, Chinese outbound tourism is the largest and potentially most important market in the world.

Since 2008, outbound tourism started to increase as the U.S. was named Approved Destination Status by the Chinese government. Data shows that Chinese travelers are the world’s biggest spenders and yet, several countries are behind in offering infrastructure and services to this ever-growing market.

Chinese citizens who wish to travel to the USA should keep in mind that they need to complete an immigration requirement before their departure. As of November 29, 2016, all those citizens with a People’s Republic of China passport should enroll with EVUS, an electronic visa update implemented by the U.S. border control.

Apply EVUS from China

What else can we learn about Chinese traveling to the USA? Read on to find out some key facts about Chinese visitors.

Unique Facts about Chinese Tourists

Based on market research these are some of the most important facts about Chinese Travelers in the USA:

Chinese travelers have tripled in the past decade.

One out of every ten international tourists today is from China. The Traffic Forecast organization predicts that the number of annual Chinese tourists to the USA will surpass the 6.5. million by the year 2020.

Only four percent of Chinese citizens have a passport

Currently, a small portion of the Chinese population holds a passport, but it is projected that this number will continue to increase. Research shows that Chinese citizens begin to travel when their income surpasses 35,000 USD per year. Government agreements, new travel policies and infrastructure are making travel more accessible for Chinese citizens.

Chinese tourists shop and spend more than travelers of any other country

Dr. Yong Chen, from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University is a specialist in Chinese outbound tourism. He says that one of the main focus of Chinese tourists is shopping. Luxury goods are about 20 to 30 percent cheaper in larger cities than they are in China.

Chinese travelers also spend money on cultural and outdoor experiences

Even though Chinese tourists have an eye for luxury brands, they also have a desire to experience new things. Among some of the activities they are interested in are museum visits and spa packages. However, natural reserves, sports and parks are also increasingly popular among them.

Companies fail to provide the necessary support for Chinese travelers

Even though the data shows that Chinese tourists in the U.S. are a fundamental market very few companies are keeping up with the demand. The U.S. is not providing the proper infrastructure to allow Chinese visitors to enjoy the destination as much as they could. On the other hand, China is far more accommodating to Westerners than the U.S. is.

Strong family bonds influence Chinese younger travelers

Generally speaking, family is a priority for the Chinese. Younger generations that can afford travel have shown a tendency to take their parents with them. It’s important for these visitors to do activities together and businesses should consider this factor when catering to this market.

Chinese Travelers love photo and video sharing

It should not come as a surprise that sharing photos and videos is crucial for Chinese travelers. Online social interaction is key in the way they experience their trips. If they like a business, they’ll promote it on different platforms.

Citizens of China like traveling by car

The Chinese like traveling by car and an American road trip is very appealing to them. They will do their research and are highly interested in information on how to move around with a car in the USA.

Travelers coming from China use forums to get all their information

Forums are a tool used often by Chinese travelers coming to the USA. They heavily rely on other people’s experience and advice. They trust that the information on the forum comes from first-hand experience and that they can obtain specific answers to their questions from people who are like them.

Chinese Travelers Find Travel Partners

Some Chinese travelers will use blogs and apps to find travel partners. WeChat is one of the many chat applications that allow Chinese travelers to connect before and during the trip. They will develop relationships before the trip even starts.

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