EVUS Registration Requirements for Chinese Citizens

EVUS Registration Requirements for Chinese Citizens

EVUS is an electronic visa update system implemented by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection for all Chinese citizens with a valid 10-year visitor visa. Online registration with EVUS is now a mandatory requirement before traveling to the United States.

The purpose of EVUS is to allow travelers to update basic biographic information and ease up the entry process to the United States. At this time, this program is only mandatory for people who hold a People’s Republic of China valid passport and have been granted a 10-year B1 or B2 American travel visa.

EVUS registration for China

EVUS was officially launched on November 29, 2016. Since then, all Chinese citizens are required to enroll with EVUS. The two main requisites to have a successful enrollment are: a valid Chinese passport and a 10-year American visitor visa. During the registration process the applicant will have to complete personal details such as full name, date of birth and an additional identification document.

The registration process for EVUS is straightforward and easy to follow. It takes people up to twenty minutes to complete. Travelers can submit their application any time before their trip, however it is strongly advised that they enroll at least 72 hours before departure. Although most applicants receive a response within minutes, some applications might take longer to evaluate. The traveler can use the enrollment number given during the application to revise their status. The response will be delivered in the applicant’s email address.

Evus Registration

The online form is divided into different sections and the visitor will be asked to respond honestly and accurately. There will be eight questions related to national security at the end of the application. In the form, the traveler should also provide details of the trip: a valid address in the United States, contact information and a current email. All people who apply with EVUS are expected to pay a fee, including minors. In case you are traveling with infants they too are expected to complete the enrollment process. Children are not exempt from this immigration requirement and their parents or tutors should complete the form on their behalf.

At the moment, only Chinese citizens should register with EVUS. However, it is expected that in the coming months the EVUS update system will extend to other countries that also require a visa B1 or B2 to travel to the United States.

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