EVUS to Drive to the USA from Canada or Mexico

EVUS to Drive to the USA from Canada or Mexico

Traveling to the U.S. by road is perhaps one of the most common ways to enter the country from a neighboring nation. According to statistics compiled by the Department of Homeland Security, almost a million people travel to the USA per day and many of those will arrive by land. Therefore knowing the rules for driving to the USA from Canada or Mexico with EVUS is crucial.

In most cases, tourists from abroad will need an appropriate U.S. Visa or visa waiver when traveling to the States by one of the land borders. In the case of Chinese citizens, an Electronic Visa Update System (EVUS) will need to be granted before traveling in order to cross the border to the USA from a neighboring country.

To get this electronic visa registration, you must apply for EVUS online and hold a valid passport and a 10 year U.S. category B Visa. The application only takes a few minutes and, once approved, allows visitors to enter the USA multiple times for short visits over a period of 2 years.

In the following guide, you’ll discover how to visit the USA by road from Canada and Mexico with EVUS. You’ll also learn what procedures should be followed to pass through Homeland Security land checkpoints safely.

Entering the US by Road from Canada and Mexico

If you wish to enter the U.S. by road from Canada or Mexico as a Chinese citizen, your EVUS must be valid and fully up to date. If you’re unsure if your EVUS has expired or not, simply check your EVUS status online.

Also, remember to make sure that your passport and personal details are correct and updated on your account. If your passport has changed since your EVUS was granted this will invalidate your entry and may prevent you from being allowed to cross the border into the U.S.

If you are entering the United States by road and you don’t have EVUS but you do have a valid category B 10-year visa you could be required to manually apply for one at the border before being permitted entry into the USA. However, this is a more complicated and time-consuming process.

There are a number of other criteria that must be followed in order to pass safely and securely through a Homeland Security road checkpoint. These include:

  • If you’re driving you must have a valid drivers license and insurance
  • You must ensure your car is in good condition and is safe to drive on roads in the United States
  • If you are driving across the border in a car that is not your own, you may be asked to submit proof that you are not importing the car to sell in the U.S.
  • You should check to make sure that you are not bringing any prohibited food, fruit or vegetables across the border
  • Make sure that you are not bringing quantities of alcohol and tobacco that exceed your personal allowance
  • Do not bring in any weapons or other contraband to the U.S. border as you may be arrested or imprisoned

Be aware, however, U.S. border and customs officials have the final say over whether you can enter the country or not. You can be denied entry at the discretion of an official even if you have completed your documents correctly.

What are the key points of entry from Canada?

In order to travel across the United States/Canada border into the United States, you must enter the country from one of 119 road border crossings. These operate over 7 Canadian states and 12 U.S. states. The major crossing points between the two countries are found at the following locations:

  • Yukon / Alaska
  • British Columbia / Alaska
  • British Columbia / Washington State
  • British Columbia/ Idaho
  • British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan / Montana
  • Saskatchewan and Manitoba / North Dakota
  • Manitoba and Ontario / Minnesota
  • Ontario / Michigan
  • Ontario and Quebec / New York
  • Quebec / Vermont
  • Quebec / New Hampshire
  • Quebec and New Brunswick / Maine

What are the key points of entry from Mexico?

Across Mexico, there are 48 road crossings over the border to the United States. These transverse 6 Mexican federal states and 4 U.S. states. The main border crossings can be found in the following locations:

  • Tijuana and Baja California / California
  • Sonora / Arizona
  • Chihuahua / New Mexico
  • Chihuahua / Texas
  • Coahuila / Texas
  • Neuvo Leon / Texas
  • Tamaulipas / Texas

If you follow these rules of entry and come prepared with a prearranged EVUS you will be able to easily enter the United States by road from any of the many border crossings between Canada and Mexico. Get your EVUS before you travel via the online application form to make sure that you enjoy a safe and secure trip to the United States of America.

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