Can EVUS Be Filled Out in Chinese?

Can EVUS Be Filled Out in Chinese?

The EVUS form is available to read in both English and Chinese in order to help applicants understand the questions. They cannot, however, be filled out in any language other than English. The EVUS form is straightforward, simple and quick to complete. The EVUS enrollment requires that applicants provide a few important personal details. Questions are not complicated. The system simply asks that travelers give their visa information and passport data. Even though you cannot currently apply for EVUS in Chinese, you are allowed to receive help from a family member or a third party like a travel agency. Bear in mind, however, that you will be responsible for making sure that the information provided about you is completely accurate.

Who is EVUS for?

EVUS, which stands for Electronic Visa Update System, is a program from the U.S. Border Protection Agency that applies to nationals from the People’s Republic of China. Chinese citizens who are holders of a 10-year B1, B2 or B1/B2 visa are now required by law to update their personal information when they wish to travel on this visa. This updated information (which will be valid for 2 years) which will be required together with their visa and passport in order to enter the U.S.

Any children traveling will also require an EVUS as will those traveling on a Chinese passport from Hong Kong, Macau or Taiwan.

What is EVUS for?

The U.S. and China wanted to make it easier for enterprising citizens to travel between the two countries in order to promote trade. To this end, the new 10-year visas were created to make the process much simpler. In 2016, the U.S. government created EVUS in order to keep track of Chinese individuals using these 10 year visas. EVUS asks the traveler to update their personal information in the system each time they wish to reenter the U.S. on their 10 year visa.

What do I need in order to use EVUS?

Currently, the EVUS system is only available to citizens of the People’s Republic of China. Eligible travelers will need to meet the EVUS requirements to visit the United States for tourism, business or transit purposes. In order to use the EVUS system you will require the following:

  • A valid Chinese passport.
  • A 10-year B1, B2 or B1/B2 visitor visa.

Remember to give yourself enough time to complete the EVUS form. We recommend doing this at least 72 hours before you are due to depart for the United States to ensure a smooth journey.

What information will I need to provide when I apply for EVUS?

The EVUS form is simple and can be filled in quickly. Just be sure that all the information is correct. Before submitting the form, revise that all fields have been completed.

Applicants will be asked to provide the following information:

  • Full name
  • Date of Birth
  • Passport number
  • Passport issue and expiry dates
  • The number of their B1, B2 or B1/B2 visa
  • The issue date of their B1/B2 visa
  • Employment details
  • Emergency contact details
  • Some security-related questions.

Once your application has been approved it will be valid for 2 years or until your passport expires. If your passport or visa expires be sure to obtain these documents before registering in the EVUS system to travel to the United States.

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